Our sincere desire is to help the new believers with some Follow-up correspondence course. Our constant practice is to provide appropriate literature instantly. God has enabled us to develop a successful Bible Correspondence Course. The course has four series, which has seven lessons all together. All are taught in Islamic Bengali language, which has been prepared in according to the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran. We are offering this course on offline and online both with other language as well. Follow-up seminars are also planned and implemented each year to honor those who are completing the course. Bible Correspondence course follow up seminar participants are not believers but seekers. So, there are many questions in their mind and we create opportunities to discuss and find answers during this seminar. Those who are interested to receive Jesus as their savior, we give them systematic teaching and prepare them for baptism. Later on, we arrange Baptism seminar.

Online course is available for all :

আগ্রহীগণ, অনলাইনেও এই কোর্সে অংশগ্রহণ করতে পারবেনঃ