Jesus and Salvation in KORAN

Rev. Abdul Mabud Chowdhury

Isa Mashiho (Jesus Christ)


A. Birth of Isa Mashiho: Sura Al-Imran 3:42-48; Nisaa 4:156; Maryam 19:16-36; Ambia 21:91-92; Tahreem 66:12; Muminun 23:50; Zukhrof 43:61-64;

  1. He was born from virgin Maryam (Mary).
  2. God has breathed His spirit into Mary.
  3. His name will be Messiah (Christ).
  4. He is a Holy Son (19:19).
  5. He is the Word (Kalam).


B. His miracles or Mojejas: Sura Al-Imran 3:49-51; Maida 5:109-115.

  1. He made bird with mud and gave life to it with a puff.
  2. He healed born blind and Lepers.
  3. He quicken the dead
  4. He is able to declare what people eat and store in their house.
  5. He had power (Hikmat) of knowing everything (Hikmat is to know everything with appropriate knowledge).
  6. He brought food from Heaven and provided livelihood to the people.


  • God is the Lord of length (span) of life, death and He provides with sustenance (food) or wealth. Jesus also has power over these three.


C. He was insulted: Sura Maida 5:110; Anaam 6:10; Ambia 21: 41; Ra’d 13:32.

  1. He was called a magician.
  2. People mocked Him.


D. He was empowered with God’s Spirit and some other prophets were killed: Sura Bakara 2:87, 91, 253; Al-Imran 3:21, 55, 112, 181.183; Nisa 4:157; Maida 5:70; Maryam 19:33; Lukman 31:28.

  1. He was empowered with Holy Spirit (Paak-Ruhu).
  2. God gave Him clear Signs.
  3. Prophets were killed.


  • Jews killed many prophets whom they did not like. But it is not clearly mentioned anywhere in the Koran that whom they killed actually. In Sura Lukman 31:28, give us and information that one individual soul was created and who was resurrected. In the whole history of mankind, we know only about Jesus who was killed and was resurrected.


E. He ascended to Heaven and will come back again from Heaven: Sura Al-Imran 3:55: Nisa 4:158; Maida 5:117; Bakara 2:210; Zukhruf 43:61


F. Everyone will accept Him: Sura Nisa 4:159;

G. Believing or not believing in Him: Sura Al-Imran 3:56-57; Bakara 2:135-136; Maida 5:46-47.


H. His disciples are free from all fear and dread: Sura Bakara 2:62, 111-112, 121; Maida 5:65-66, 68-69, 72, 82; A’raf 7:35-36; Ahqaf 46:13-14; Hadid 57:27.


I. He is the reflection of Adam: Sura Al-Imran 3:59-60.



God’s stand for salvation seekers or for sinners according to the Koran and the Bible:





Sound heart – Sura Shu’ra 26:89

Perfect heart – Mathew 5:48


One can’t bear the burden of other (Sura Fatir 35:18; Nur 24:54; Yunus 10:41-49).

But Jesus will bear the burden of all sinners (Mathew 11:28-30).


It is Hazrat Muhammad’s responsibility to recite and preach the Koran (Sura Talak 65:11; Yunus 10:99; Nisa 4:80; R’ad 13:40).

Jesus Himself bore the sin of many (Isaiah 53).


Hazrat Muhammad is the man to warn and to preach good news to the people only (Sura Bakara 2:119; Al-Imran 3:20; Hizr 15:89; Haj 22:49; Fatir 35:23; Boni Israil 17:105; Sajda 32:3; Saba 34:28, 44; Yasin 36:6; Ahjab 33:45-48; Sura 42:7 (To the people around Makka); Saad 38:67-70; Fathah 48:8; Jariat 51:50-51; Ahkaf 46:9 (Not the first Rasul or prophet); Araf 7:188; Mumin 40:18.)

Jesus Christ freed people from the Laws (Shariat) Roman 8:1-2 and 10.



Messenger of Good News to the believers and pious only (Sura Tawba 9:112; Anam 6:92; Yasin 36:11).

Jesus Christ came for the sinners (Mark 2:17).



Power of the Prophet (Sura Kasas 28:56; Araf 7:188; Kahaf 18:110; Mumin 40:18).

All power is given to Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:20; John 14:6).



Hazrat Muhammad is not the saviour (Sura Anam 6:50, 106-107).

Jesus Christ is the Advocate for the sinner (1 John 2:1-2).



There is no friend for the sinners (Mumin 40:18).

Jesus came for the sinners (Roman 3:23-24; 6:23).


God does not help the sinners (Sura Saff 61: 5).

God shows way of the sinners (Psalm 25:8)



Sinners are given opportunity to commit more sins (Sura Al-Imran 3:178; Araf 7:179: Tawba 9:37; Sajda 32:13; Yasin 36:10).

Sinners are given opportunity to be freed from the sins (2 Peter 3:9; 1 Timothy 2:3-4; Ezekiel 18: 23-32; 33:11).

Why we shall believe in Christ according to Koran?

Sura Maida 5:68 (71)

  1. People of the Book: The people who believe in all books of heaven, specially according to the Muslim faith, who believe in the Tawrat (Books of Moses), Jabur (Psalm), Injeel (Gospel) and Koran are the believers of books.
  2.  Establishing Tawrat and Injeel:

In this verse, Koran says clearly that those who specially do not establish Tawrat (Book of Moses) and Injeel (Gospel), they have no base at all. Now question is – what do we understand by ‘establishing a book’? Nobody can establish something, until he deeply believes in that.  When someone believed in something deeply and he does not follow it, it is meaningless. So, the overall meaning of this Kuranic verse is that: he, who claims himself a ‘Muslim’, (he, who has surrendered himself to Allah) he should deeply believe in Tawrat and Injeet, he should follow all of its’ teachings, otherwise he will have no base at all.  So, it is a prime responsibility of a Muslim to believe, accept and to follow the teachings of the Gospel to establish it.


Sura Shura 42:13

According to this verse, we have to establish the religion of Abraham, Moses and Jesus. We should not differ in it. It means that we should not spread any disbelief about the religion of Jesus or Christian religion; rather we should be attentive to establish them. If anyone fails to follow this law, he will receive the punishment of God.


Al-Imran 3:33

God has selected the descendents of Imran among the people of the world. Imran was the father of Mary who was the mother of Jesus Christ. It means that God has selected Christ above all the people of the world.


Al-Imran 3:55

The followers of Jesus will win over the nonbelievers until the last judgement day commences. So, God has given the superiority to the followers of Jesus.


Sura Nisa 4:159

Each believer of the Books before his death must believe in Jesus Christ. So, a true Muslim who believes in the Koran must believe in Jesus and must follow His way of salvation. Otherwise punishment of hell is waiting for them.


Sura Araf 7:40

The people who will not follow the above mentioned words are proud. For them the door of heaven should be closed. It will be harder for them to go to heaven than to enter a camel through needle’s hole.


So, as believer of Christ, I believe that we should act like Philip and perform our responsibility. The Ethiopian eunuch was reading alone from the Book of prophet Isaiah and could not understand it’s meaning until Philip explained it to him. When he understood what he was reading, then and there he accepted Christ as his saviour.

In the same way, our Muslim brothers are reading the Koran, but they do not understand it. It is the responsibility of you and me to help them to understand the Koran. We, behalf of Isa-e Jamat Bangladesh, are doing this job. Just for the sake of this purpose, we need your prayer and your whole-hearted cooperation.









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