Education can show the light. If we see that many children are not getting their right of education in our land. Most of our Pastors and evangelist who work in village area and many of our ministry places where education center like school is not available, though there are some schools but children cannot go because of far distance and some others’ problems. Keeping this problem in mind ICB started Pre-school program where these children can get their basic right of education and we can show the light of Jesus through Pre-school program. In order to decrease opposition and build bridges with the surrounding society, Isa-e Church decided that church buildings should be useful for the community as well. One of the ways to do this is by conducting pre-schools in the church buildings. Parents in the surroundings of the church are encouraged to send their children to pre-school. Our Pre-school program is being designed to give opportunity to the poor children besides the children from families having the ability to bear their educational expenses to provide them with quality education. Pre-school education is with awareness about Health, Nutrition, Sanitation, and environment and to motivate the children to go to School, Sports, Game, Arts, and Cultural knowledge. Beside this we always try to reveal our Lord among pre-school students.