According to the history this people group is not recognized by the Myanmar and Bangladesh Government. That means they are a stateless people. According to the UN, they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Since 1978 till now more than 1000,000 Rohingya fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh and living a brutal life inside several refugee camps. This group of people lives a life under poverty line. Both elder and children do not even use any footwear due to their financial limitation. They do not have enough money to buy foods three times a day. During heavy rain or storm time their misery crosses limit. There is not much opportunity to work either as they have no citizenship and human rights.

Since 2013 Isa-e church Bangladesh has started ministry among them. At present there are hundreds families who have accepted Jesus Christ in their lives. We also arrange seminars and trainings for their spiritual growth and trained pastors in their own language. They also need humanitarian help from us like education, primary health care, sanitation, trauma training and a little help to become self-sustainable.

We humbly request you all to pray for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh so that they may get to know the truth about the life of Christ. As they continue growing spiritually their needs may meet up by His grace and their suffering may disappear.