Each year we conduct Seminars as per our yearly plan. These seminars are mainly for Youths, Women, Children, New Believers, church and family (Couple program). We also organize various seminars for our ministers and also for their wives to help and encourage them to live a good Christian life. The purpose of such seminars is to help build up their spiritual basis for life, commitment for Christ and family with a positive attitude of Love, Peace and Forgiveness. These Seminars have been found very effective to combat any existing communal feelings, antisocial attitudes and self-centeredness of individuals.


We arrange New Believers seminar for those who received Jesus as their savior but had not yet taken baptism. Before baptism we arrange seminar for them to give more teaching to build assurance and confidence in their faith.




Youth are the backbone of our community and Church. To lead and guide them to become the God’s people, ICB conducts National Youth Camp for 100 youth from different local Churches. We always try to shape our youths so that they may take their responsibilities for next generation. We always work on their goal setting so that they plan their future properly keeping eyes on God. We organize seminars, meetings, camps for youths so that they may grow spiritually and mentally day by day.




Traditionally in our culture, women are conservative and not much involved in society.  As they are new believers, they take time to come out from their conservativeness and overcome the barrier. We arrange seminar for them so that they can understand that they too have the equal rights like their counterpart. It is very important and necessary to use God’s gift of women in the community and Church. So, by this seminar, we encourage them to take spiritual responsibility for their own home and church.    

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We arrange Spiritual gathering to encourage our believers in 3 different locations each year. Many old Churches are already arranging this seminar on their own. We only send 1 or 2 persons from central office to preach/teach. But still, we need to continue this seminar to encourage believers in new areas so that they grow in spiritually and the intimacy increases among them. Also, believers will be more encouraged to attend weekly worship and find more motivation to involve themselves in various church activities. Besides that, surrounding neighbor will come to know about Jesus and Christianity.




We arrange regional Pastoral Care workshops for Pastors and Evangelists within 4 regions 4 times a year. They need motivation, encouragement and refreshment as they are always busy with work in their respective mission fields. To know each others work situation and build relationship among them we arrange two days workshop. Which help them increase their working speed, build up awareness for their responsibilities and congregations so that community gets better service. During the workshop, we discuss successes and failures as well as any kind of experience they share which encourage them to learn from that experience.

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